Statement from the Town Council on Southfields flooding

14 January 2016

Statement re Southfields Public Open Space Flooding

The Town Council has been aware of flooding to the public open space during periods of significant rainfall since 2008. Over that period the Council has sought to reduce the impact of the flooding by investigating the causes and pumping away the standing water.

The Council understands the concerns of some of the residents in the area and in an effort to reduce or eliminate the flooding, has consulted with a number of bodies including the County Council, District Council, Yorkshire Water, Environment Agency and a private contractor.

With the assistance of a private contractor, investigations have revealed potential blockages in privately owned property between the public open space and Bedale Beck. On advice obtained from both the District and County Council such blockages are the responsibility of the riparian land owner.  Further confirmation of this is being sought from the Yorkshire Local Councils Association.

The Council is confident the land drains on the public open space function satisfactorily and it is those land drains for which the Town Council is responsible. The Town Council has no legal responsibility elsewhere nor does it believe it has the legal powers to intervene or expend Council resources on restoring the integrity of the land drainage system between the public open space and the Beck.

With regard to removing the standing water, the Town Council has been advised by Yorkshire Water and other parties that it cannot use surface water sewers to disperse the standing water therefore the Council is unable to take any further action at this time.

The Town Council will continue to investigate and take legal advice as to how this matter might be resolved.


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