These community pages provide information for residents and visitors. If you would like us to add something please contact us. There is an active Community Forum which meets every 2 months and everyone is welcome to attend, meetings are held in Bedale Hall at 7.30pm.

Bedale & Villages Community Forum


  • The Bedale & Villages Community Forum is a community partnership which will exist to facilitate the improvement and regeneration of Bedale and its surrounding villages. The objectives of the Forum are to:
    To encourage, support, initiate and develop new and existing projects/organisations which contribute to the economic, environmental and social well being of the Bedale and villages area by working with local, regional, national and international agencies, statutory bodies, commercial organisations and associations, voluntary groups and associations, and with individuals.
  • To ensure that effective project management takes place.
  • To ensure that all work associated with the Forum is carried out to the highest quality standards.
  • To update the Community Plan regularly and ensure community projects are recognised within the plan.
  • To monitor and evaluate the success of the Community Plan process.
  • To provide a ‘Forum’ in which to share information, ideas and good practice in relation to improving and regeneration of the Bedale and villages area.


In the early 21st century North Yorkshire County Council was successful in securing Single Regeneration Budget Funding for the County. The programme was to run for 6 years and provided an opportunity for all communities across the County to develop a ten-year Community Investment Prospectus (CIP) for their area. Community Investment Prospectus Groups were drawn together from the local community to identify local issues and local priorities across areas, such as social, economic, environmental; focussing on issues like tourism, safety, health, housing and transport and developing future plans.

Bedale became a Renaissance Market Town under the Yorkshire Forward RMT programme in 2003 and the 30 year vision was produced in 2004, this built on the work that had already been done by the CIP Steering Group. The Bedale Renaissance Charter identified key priorities for development; the Charter was signed by the local councils and business organisations. Bedale & Villages Community Forum took on the role of delivering on these priorities and has refreshed them over subsequent years.

By working across boundaries and with a multitude of partners, the Forum has accessed considerable funding that would not be available to public sector organisations and it has a flexibility that can respond to ever changing circumstances.